Trees Coloured Pink. The use of creativity as a means of psychological support for children in Kosovo; an ongoing learning process.

This article will aims to provide insight into the learning process connected to a long-term psychosocial intervention with children in Kosovo. In this intervention, creative activities and sports are fundamental. Information was collected through semistructured

Investigating the Tibetan Healing System: a psychological needs assessment of Tibetan refugees in Nepal

This article is based on an assessment study of the mental health problems of 21 Tibetan refugees in Nepal. It describes Tibetan views on health and healing. Most of the refugees that were interviewed used the Tibetan healing system, with a few using
Western allopathic medicine.

Music Therapy in War-effected Areas

To date, no research has been conducted on the field of music therapy within international humanitarian aid. The aims of this study are to explore the situation in more detail and to include descriptions of organisations and projects that are involved in the

Supervising Psychological Counselling Teams in Kosovo: personal reflections

Foreign experts are often distant and alienated from the host culture in areas where they are working. It is a difficult task to be involved in a proper manner and yet maintain boundaries. In Kosovo such a mutual involvement is known as ‘besa’. It is not

Psycho-education and Psychosocial Support in The Netherlands: a program by and for refugees

This article is about a community based intervention program in the Netherlands. In this program, asylum seekers and refugees are trained to provide psycho-education and psychosocial support to fellow groups of refugees and asylum seekers. These trained refugees work in their own language and culture, with a professional coach from a local mental health institute. The group courses consist of psycho-education, psychosocial support and empowerment.

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Training teachers in areas of armed conflict chapter Introduction

The importance of good people

Training teachers in areas of armed conflict chapter 1

The training program

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