Single Session Therapy as a framework for post disaster practice in low and middle income countries

‚ÄčIn response to a disaster in high income countries, disaster mental health professionals typically have, at most, one encounter with a survivor of the event. After providing the initial psychosocial interventions, the individual is either referred to follow-up mental health resources or has access to the mental health delivery system. When disasters occur in low and middle income countries, access to follow-up and treatment for mental health issues may be unavailable or limited in capacity. Underdeveloped and poorly resourced primary and secondary care services, a deteriorating health care infrastructure and the limited availability of health care professionals are all barriers that contribute to limiting access to mental health care for survivors of a disaster. This paper will discuss implementing Single Session Therapy as a framework of practice for providing mental health interventions, post disaster, when it is not possible to provide either continuity of mental health treatment or follow-up for survivors.

Guthrie, Brian