Socio-economic and psychological effects of terrorist bomb blasts on the lives of survivors: an exploratory study on affected individuals

Abstract: This study explored the socio-economic and psychological effects of terrorist bomb blasts on the lives of survivors, using a qualitative research method. Results have shown that, although several years may have elapsed since the event, respondents were yet to recover from its effects. Those who survived still carry the scars to constantly remind them of the horrific ordeal. They are tormented by psychological issues which, for them, are often more difficult to deal with compared to the trouble and pain caused by physical injuries sustained. Most of the participants have experienced frequent stress related psychological symptoms, as well as other associated symptoms such as sadness, depression, anxiety, irritability, lack of concentration in daily activities, nightmares and flashbacks of events. Additionally, there has been serious long term socio-economic effects of terrorist bomb blasts on the survivors, such as unemployment, uncertainty over the education of their children and declining health status. Furthermore, as well as dwindling social-economic status, inadequate government support and lack of follow-up in terms of rehabilitation are among the most pressing problems faced by this group of survivors, which needs to be urgently and properly addressed.

Hussain, Dilwar; Sarma, Rudhir Prakash