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Rethinking mental health care: bridging the credibility gap

Innovations in global mental health have focused on addressing the ‘supply side’ barriers to reduce the treatment gap and, in doing so, have redefined three core assumptions regarding mental health care, namely, what comprises a mental health care intervention, who is a mental health care provider and what is a mental health care setting.

Evaluation of Mental Health Services in War: a case register in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Mental health programmes in war-stricken areas aim to offer immediate help to those who most need it. Usually, there is no urge to start a systematic registration on demographic data of clients and on characteristics of interventions. Nevertheless, there is

Good Practice Issues in Working With Interpreters in Mental Health

If access to appropriate mental health services is not to be limited to people’s ability to speak a dominant or host language used by mental health providers, an interpreter or bicultural worker will be required. This article makes suggestions for good practice in
working with interpreters either in situations of ongoing-armed conflict or with asylum seekers refugees and internally displaced people who have fled from areas of armed conflict.