single session therapy

Training counsellors in low and middle income countries in single session counselling: helping mental health and psychosocial workers to get on top of feelings of powerlessness

Abstract: This article describes an approach to training mental health and psychosocial support workers in post disaster areas and areas of armed conflict in single session counselling, also known as Single Session Therapy. This field report also adds further information to earlier publications on the reasons for practicing Single Session Therapy.

Single Session Therapy as a framework for post disaster practice in low and middle income countries

‚ÄčIn response to a disaster in high income countries, disaster mental health professionals typically have, at most, one encounter with a survivor of the event. After providing the initial psychosocial interventions, the individual is either referred to follow-up mental health resources or has access to the mental health delivery system. When disasters occur in low and middle income countries, access to follow-up and treatment for mental health issues may be unavailable or limited in capacity.